Filesystem Corruption on a Veritas Disk

You will need to:
1) boot off of the oscopy disk from the ok prompt boot oscopy -s
2) stop the Veritas volumes vxvol -g rootdg stopall
run a vxprint -htrg rootdg and make sure the volumes are disabled
3) fsck -o f -y /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s0 where c#t#d# it the rootdisk from a vxdisk list
reitterate until it gives no errors, or until it only gives the “FILE SYSTEM STATE IN SUPERBLOCK IS WRONG” error.
root@hostname: vxdisk list
c1t0d0s2 sliced appldg01 appldg online
c1t1d0s2 sliced appldg02 appldg online
c1t2d0s2 sliced – – error
c2t0d0s2 sliced rootdisk rootdg online
c2t1d0s2 sliced hotspare rootdg online nohotuse
c3t0d0s2 sliced rootmirror rootdg online
c3t1d0s2 sliced appldg03 appldg online
c3t2d0s2 sliced appldg04 appldg online

– then re-enable the rootvol:
vxvol -g rootdg start rootvol

Then check it again, now it checks the mirors too:

fsck -o f -y /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/rootvol

4) make sure you can mount the root disk by slices mount /dev/dsk/c#t#d#s0 /mnt
5) umount /mnt
6) reboot off of rootdisk


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