Generate test data using elastic’s makelogs

When I am testing for various issues I find that I need to create some test data. The built in sample data is great but sometimes you need to keep ingesting data or ingest some older data to reproduce issues. I found this repo and it was the answers to my issue. I did not want to install this and wanted to containerize it so that I can leave my system clean yet be able to use this and re-use it again. makelogs runs fine as it is however if your ES endpoint is secured with TLS and does not… Continue Reading


kafka – stand up a test instance with SSL for testing

I had a need to stand up a Kafka instance with SSL to test SSL handshakes. Today was the first time looking at Kafka so needless to say I was a bit lost. 🙁 Started out looking up various projects and found some interesting things that enabled me to setup a instance of kafka using docker containers with SSL. Requirements: git, docker, docker-compose installed on your server. Clone wurstmeister/kafka repo Get confluent’s kafka-generate-ssl.sh script, run it and follow all the instructions. Please make sure to remember the passphrase and the truststore/keystore passwords. This will generate the following Create “certs” directory… Continue Reading