Upgrading stack, fleet, elastic-agents in k8s running with ECK

Lets say you are running your elastic stack in k8s with ECK and you need to upgrade your environment, how would you do it and in what order? ECK operator elasticsearch kibana fleet-server elastic-agent I will use my deploy-elastick8s.sh script to deploy a fleet deployment (elasticsearch + kibana + fleet server + elastic-agents running as daemonset). I will install ECK operator 2.7.0 and stack 8.6.2 and will upgrade to 8.7.0 > ./deploy-elastick8s.sh fleet 8.6.2 2.7.0 [DEBUG] jq found [DEBUG] docker found & running [DEBUG] kubectl found [DEBUG] openssl found [DEBUG] container image docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:8.6.2 is valid [DEBUG] ECK 2.7.0 version validated.… Continue Reading


Fleet server with elasticsearch in docker container

UPDATE – 3/30/2022: another 8.1.x update to automatically populate the CA trusted fingerprint and the Advanced YAML settings to add the generated ca.crt onto fleet for easier use – Please go to the bottom of the article for an explaination UPDATE: 8.1.0 release introduced some changes where the default policies are no longer created on default and you will need to manually create it. I will add the steps to the end of the document Fleet server in docker container Fleet & Fleet server was released as of 7.14.0 and it uses the elastic-agent as a single, unified way to… Continue Reading


How to rollback YUM UPDATES

Once in a while you might have problems after running “yum update.” There is an intermediate solution by rollback feature included in YUM. THIS OPTION IS NOT ENABLED BY DEFAULT. 1. To enable rollback edit /etc/yum.conf and add tsflags=repackage 2. Add the following line into /etc/rpm/macros file if it doesn’t exist and add %_repackage_all_erasures 1 now you are all set and can use the following examples to rollback rpm -Uvh –rollback ’22:00′ rpm -Uvh –rollback ‘3 hours ago’ rpm -Uvh –rollback ‘june 13’ rpm -Uvh –rollback ‘yesterday’ All previous repackaged software will be stored onto /var/spool/repackage