Curtains and Curtains and more Curtains

I have found that looking for curtains is a very hard job.  There are many choices but 99% of the selections out there are very ugly.  Hanging the curtains on the other hand is very simple as long as you can level it correctly which I can not do.  We went to various local stores and mixed and matched few sets and so far I think that these are looking good.

So we decided to put up curtains for our son's room with some bright colors so after much looking we found a very colorful set and installed it..  bought from Linen-n-Things

 Ethans Room Curtains 1Ethans Room Curtains 2


So after doing Ethan's room we decided to curtain the other bedrooms upstairs as well.  We went back to LNT and found a really nice set of curtains on sale on top of a sale and installed that and found a nice set for the master bedroom as well.


Third room :


3rd Room Curtain

Now for the master bedroom.  The curtains were a bit shorter than what we would have liked but still this worked out the best!

Master Bed Room Curtain 1

Master Bed Room Curtain 2


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