NFS share XP to Solaris

I had a hell of time trying to share files and folders from XP to Solaris.  Solaris does not play well with samba mounts so your only choice is to use sharity which does not work well.  Also since XP did not support NFS natively this was hard to do until SFU!

 Now what is SFU ? Services for Unix for Windows XP/2000/2003/etc

 It installs various services that you can use from your windows like NFS!


My web server runs as user webservd:webservd and I am wanting to share 2 directories from my windows server and have apache access these two directories.  Also my default login for XP is Joe

 SETUP on XP side :

Download and install SFU from Microsoft. and install the NFS server and NFS server auth

 Start->Programs->Windows Services for UNIX->Services for UNIX Administration

Then goto User Name Mapping

Under configuration select Use Password and group files.  I would copy over /etc/passwd and /etc/group from the solaris server to c:SFUetc.  Browse and select both files.  Then goto Maps. 

Under Maps select Show User Maps and we will map the Windows User Joe to unix user webservd and apply.

 Now goto the directories that you want to share and right click and select properties and you'll see in the last tab for NFS Sharing.  Share this folder and put in the share name.  This name will be the sharing point for your unix server.  For example I will put in music for the share name. 

Now we need to enable some ports from windows to make this work so goto Control Panel and Firewall settings and add to the exclusions list the following ports.

Service or feature Protocol Port
Portmapper TCP, UDP 111
Status TCP, UDP 1039
Nlockmgr TCP, UDP 1047
Mountd TCP, UDP 1048
NFS server TCP, UDP 2049

Once this is added I will mount the directory in Solaris.

mount -F nfs nfsserver:music /music



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