Interview questions

just came up with a list just to keep the mind sharp…. if anyone wants to add more questions please do so..

General Interview Questions

·         What are your responsibilities in your present job?
·         What has been your biggest contribution at your most recent job?
·         Which of your jobs have you enjoyed the most?
·         What type of management style do you work best for?
·         If you could change one thing in your current job, what would it be?
·         What would your manager say are your strengths?
·         What might your manager say as a criticism?
·         How do you keep up with the changes in technology?
·         Tell me about a time when you were not satisfied with your performance.
·         How would your co-workers describe you?
·         What did you like best about working at your most recent job?
·         What did you like least?
·         In your last job, when did you feel pressured?  Why?  How do you handle the pressure?
·         Why did you choose this profession?  What rewards does it give you?
·         How do you know when you're doing a good job?  (internal or external standards?)
·         Where do you see your career headed?  What would you like to be doing in five years?
·         What is your reason for wanting to leave your present job?
·         What are you looking for in a job that you haven't had before?
·         What would make you want to stay in a job?
·         Salary requirements?

Technical Questions for UNIX Admins

  • What commercial tools have you used for backup and archive?
  • What UID does root have across an NFS mount by default?
  • What file contains the mounted file systems in Solaris? Linux?
  • What command identifies the NIS server you are bound to?
  • What is the name of the administrative tool for Sun?
  • How can you tell what is attached to the SCSI chain on a Sun system?
  • What command will tell you how much memory a system has in Solaris? Linux?
  • Where are system messages logged in Solaris? Linux?
  • How would you “break” an NFS mount on a system that has users on it ?
  • Explain how you could stop and start a process without rebooting?
  • What command will tell you how long a system has been running?
  • What is LVM?
  • What is FSCK?
  • What is Jxfs or Vxfs?
  • How do you get Sun system to a single user mode?
  • What file control basic hostname and network information in Solaris(3files) Linux(1file)
  • What command will provide status of your filesystems on Sun? Linux?
  • What file do you edit to permit non-console login of root on a Solaris system
  • What command provides information on the health and performance of NFS?
  • What command provides information on your network connection?
  • What command can you use to find the path to an application?
  • What command shows disk partitions in Solaris? Linux?
  • What is the tar commands to display the contents of an archive?
  • What command tells you who is logged into a file system?
  • What is the command to shutdown and halt a Sun system?
  • How do you mount a filesystem?
  • What command can you use to identify a hostname or ip address?
  • What character is used to launch an application and run it in the background?
  • What command lists the current running jobs?
  • How do you kill a running job?
  • What are setuid/setgid in relation to file permissions?
  • What is an inode?
  • What does init do ? what does inetd do ?
  • What do you do when the newly built kernel does not boot?
  • What is chroot?
  • How do you find out whats your shell?
  • How do you list only the directories inside directory?
  • How to recover a system with lost root password?
  • How do you put a job in background and bring it to foreground?
  • How do you view shared memory statics?
  • How do you get system diagnostic information ?
  • What is an alternative to the top command on Solaris?
  • What is /etc/system for ?
  • What does ndd do ?
  • What does init 0 do ?
  • How do you boot from CD-ROM?
  • What is the difference between NFS v2 and NFS v3
  • What is RPC and Why do you need it ?
  • What does fmthard do ?
  • Write a command to find all of the files which have been accessed within the last 30 days  : find / -type f –atime -30 > files.txt
  • How do you get to the end of file on vi ?


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