TV Wall Mount

So after reading an article that stated that #1 cause of toddlers going to the hospital for injuries is caused by flat panel TV's falling on top of them I decided to mount my TV on the wall.

At first I wanted to mount it and put a conduit in the wall to run the cables so that you will not see any cables but when I looked at the wall I found a fire-block.  Since I do not have tools needed to go through the firewall being lazy and all I just bought a nice flat cable runner from Home Depot.

 I did not know how high to put the TV so I researched a bit and found that the height should be placed so that you will be comfortable watching it from your normal positions so basically do not mount it too too high like what all those pictures show unless you want to get a neck strain

 the TV was mounted where the CS (center of screen) was about 3.5-4ft from the ground and I think it was a good decision!



 Another Item that I looked for was to make it as flush to the wall as possible.  I found that the unmovable mounts were the flattest but it does not move at all.  I wanted a tilt and swivel mount but those were just too expensive and the TV mounted too far from the wall.  I got the peerless tilt mount from buy.com



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