opensolaris for the first time

So I was bored with my workstation and decided to switch OS.  I've tried openSUSE but did not like it and wanted something new and different.  So I picked opensolaris.  It took several tries(crashes) to finally have this up and running with the latest code and the way my old workstation was setup.

This is a old workstation a Compaq Evo with P4-2.4 and 1G of memory and a onboard e100 card.

I booted the machine using the 2008.05 LiveCD and installed the Live image.  So far so good.

Rebooted and found that my NIC was not working... after looking at the manual(google) I found that the iprb can be used for the e100.  So I ran the Device Driver Utility and found that my e100 was on pci8086 and device id of 103b

I edited /etc/drivers_alias and added a line iprb "pci8086,103b" and since my workstation only links up at 10/half but I can manually set this to 10/FULL I hard set the NIC to sync up at 10/FULL.

echo "ForceSpeedDuplex=2;" >> /kernel/sys/iprb.conf

The modes are:

1 10/half

2 10/full

3 100/half

4 100/full

5 auto

rebooted and now I have network.  I know that I could have used the update_drv -a -i '"pci8086,103b"' iprb instead of a reboot but I wanted to make sure that after the reboot this will work.


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