opensolaris part 3 samba!

So I am hearing all these great things about opensolaris and zfs and this new cifs server and wanted to try it out.  On my old workstation I had a 20g /data that I used to store files and map it to my laptop to share that directory

The default install does not include the smb server so the following packages had to be installed SUNWsmbfskr and SUNWsmbskr and SUNWsmbs

svcadm enable -r smb/server

Since the disk was dont as a zfs during the installation all I had to do was to create my zfs mount

My zfs container was called rpool

zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed rpool/data

zfs set sharesmb=on rpool/data

zfs set sharesmb=name=data rpool/data

zfs set mountpoint=/data /rpool/data

chmod 777 /data

smbadm join -w WORKGROUP

sharemgr show -vp

Now to explain:

We created the zfs filesystem with the zfs create command then shared it as samba share but when we did this it created the name as rpool_data and I wanted it named data so the sharesmb=name=data was done to rename the share.  Then the filesystem was mounted and chmoded.  We then joined the workgroup group.  The sharemgr show -vp was used to verify our shares.

We can now browse from the windows or other servers/workstations to \IP or \NAME and map the remote drive


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