elasticsearch 8.x configure roles and users for stack monitoring

A lot of changes were made with elasticsearch 8.0 release but the main one that affected me the most was the ability to use the default elastic(superuser role) to access system indices. According to https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/release-highlights.html#_better_protection_for_system_indices we no longer have write access to system indices with the superuser role. When configuring stack monitoring using metricbeats this is an issue if you’ve been just using the elastic user to configure the monitoring. You can add allow_restricted_indices to the role to enable it back however its the lazy and insecure method. I’ve summarized the creation of roles and users for metricbeats and filebeats… Continue Reading


Install and configure vaultwarden – Migrated to a new server 4 of 4

This is the third section in the 4 part series of migrating my server Install and configure the host machine Install and configure a database and webserver Install and configure a mailserver Install and configure vaultwarden – we are here Tie everything back to 1. for backups, misc, etc Tie everything back to 1. for backups, misc, etc Dockerized vaultwarden I been a bitwarden user for a long time ever since Lastpass changed it policies. I wanted to run my own instance of bitwarden but the setup is a mess and it requires a lot of resources to run. I… Continue Reading