Updated deploy-elastic script – version 9

Last update to version 8 is listed here The original post for the deploy-elastic.sh script is here Changes: Starting 7.12.x added node.roles. es01 & es02 is tagged as data_content & data_hot and es03 is tagged as data_frozen. This will allow users to play with the frozen tier, configure searchable snapshots, partically mounted indices, restored indices, and more. (make sure to run the script with snapshot option so that minio is stood up) LDAP mode was added. To test various role_mappings and for basic ldap authentication configurations and settings LDAP mode was added and it will work with any versions of… Continue Reading


Install and configure a mailserver in docker container – Migrated to a new server 3 of 4

This is the third section in the 4 part series of migrating my server Install and configure the host machine Install and configure a database and webserver Install and configure a mailserver – we are here Install and configure vaultwarden Tie everything back to 1. for backups, misc, etc Dockerized mailserver We will install a dockerized mailserver, a sort of all in one that will run a full fledged secure mail service. There are many containers that can perform this and on my previous servers I used iRedmail. The main issue with most containerized mail solutions is that it requires… Continue Reading


Quickly deploy elasticsearch with docker

UPDATE: there is a new version that was released in March 2022 and you can read about it here I needed a way to quickly stand up various versions of elasticsearch for testing. Sometimes just 1 instance was needed and at other time a small cluster and configure it with TLS and security settings. I spent way too much time installing and reinstalling the software on my vm and knew that this will not work well for me. So I set out to look for a light weight, portable, fast, re-produce-able solution that I can quickly stand up and delete… Continue Reading


LDAP MD5 Cert Error on RHEL/CentOS 6.4+

With the update of nss-3.14.0 LDAP stopped using the MD5 signed certificate. nss-3.14.0 update deems that MD5 as unsecure. The change causes authentication of users using LDAP to fail. There are 4 possible ways to fix this problem 1) update the LDAP certificate to use other type of encryption than MD5 2) modify each kernel line in /etc/grub.conf to add support for MD5 and also in create nss.sh in /etc/profile.d in /etc/grub.conf add to the end of each kernel line systemd.setenv=NSS_HASH_ALG_SUPPORT=+MD5 in /etc/profile.d create nss.sh with export NSS_HASH_ALG_SUPPORT=+MD5 REBOOT 3) export the correct options to /etc/sysconfig/init in /etc/sysconfig/init add export… Continue Reading