awk stuff

print all lines in a file that match some pattern
awk '$0 ~ /pattern/ {print $0}'

awk 'NR % 6' # prints all lines except those divisible by 6
awk 'NR > 5' # prints from line 6 onwards (like tail -n +6, or sed '1,5d')
awk '$2 == "foo"' # prints lines where the second field is "foo"
awk 'NF >= 6' # prints lines with 6 or more fields
awk '/foo/ && /bar/' # prints lines that match /foo/ and /bar/, in any order
awk '/foo/ && !/bar/' # prints lines that match /foo/ but not /bar/
awk '/foo/ || /bar/' # prints lines that match /foo/ or /bar/ (like grep -e 'foo' -e 'bar')
awk '/foo/,/bar/' # prints from line matching /foo/ to line matching /bar/, inclusive
awk 'NF' # prints only nonempty lines (or: removes empty lines, where NF==0)
awk 'NF--' # removes last field and prints the line
awk '$0 = NR" "$0' # prepends line numbers (assignments are valid in conditions)

# prints lines that are both in file1 and file2 (intersection)
awk 'NR==FNR{a[$0];next} $0 in a' file1 file2


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