Installing Asian (CJK) fonts on customized/nLited XP installs

Performance freaks often resort to customized versions of Windows XP such as TinyXP made possible by tools such as NLite because these versions of customized windows help your computer to run faster. Unfortunately they sometimes also ship without features that might be essential to some of us, such as Korean language support. Heres a guide on how to re-enable korean or other East Asian language support for TinyXp or N-Lited versions of Windows.

1) Insert an original Windows XP cd in your cd drive, or mount the Windows XP iso that you have backed up into a virtual drive.

2) Locate the I386 directory in the Windows CD.

3) Copy the INTL.INF file inside this directory into the INF directory inside your Windows installation folder, usually located at c:Windows, replacing the previous file.

4) Now, go to the control panel of your computer and double click on regional and language options.

5) Go to the languages tab and check the box labelled “Install files for East Asian Languages

6) After all the files are successfully copied, restart the computer and Korean support should be installed, allowing you to properly view Korean fonts and websites on your computer.


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