ECE(elastic cloud enterprise) snapshot repository using object storage(minio) with self-signed TLS

Just FYI this is a complete rewrite of the previous article. It should be better organized and more closely align with real world situations. We will stand up a minio server with self-signed or internally signed SSL certificate that is not publicly trusted. This guide will work with any s3 compliant object storage not just minio. The certificate that we will create will be for internal use but you can and should create a more secure certificate to be used in your environment. If you have s3 compliant object storage with publicly trusted signed SSL certificate then all you would… Continue Reading


Dell OMSA 101 – mirroring and bootstraping

If you have a environment that has a lot of dell servers and want to get storage and chassis information OMSA is the way to do it. If your machines have access to the internet you can easily download it from linux.dell.com and install it however if you have a good number of servers and/or do not have access to the internet via your servers you will most likely want to mirror the repository so that you can install it from your trusted host. In this post we will assume that we have a trusted host that has access to… Continue Reading