Update ESXi 7.x using esxcli

I run ESXi at home for my VMs. Since I only need and have 1 ESXi host I had no need to install vCenter to manage my ESXi host, however I do want to keep it updated and current. To follow all the updates for ESXi please view VMware KB 2143832 Below are the steps to take to keep your ESXi updated Turn off VMs and put ESXi into maintenance mode Reboot – OPTIONAL – this is an optional step but it never hurts to reboot before upgrading to clear things up. Enable ssh service – you will need to… Continue Reading


SSH Keys 101

If you have a centralized server where you manage many remote servers on you will most likely want to setup ssh keys so that you would not have to type in your password everytime. ssh comes with many utilities to generate handle and manage keys. this article will talk mainly about ssh-keygen, ssh-agent, ssh-copy-id, and ssh-add. Lets say you want to generate your keys you will issue ssh-keygen which will default to rsa or you can specify dsa by typing ssh-keygen -t dsa. It will prompt you for a passphrase to use. You will always want to select a passphase… Continue Reading