ESXi 7.x NutClient to query upsmon on Synology

After my last move I consolidated my home setup and now I am down to one synology for storage and one ESXi 7.x (currently 7.0u2d) host. I do have these two devices connected to a UPS but since UPS only has 1 USB port I needed a way to signal my two devices to power off in case of power outage. I plugged in the USB cable from the UPS to my synology NAS and configured the UPS. In the UI of synology goto Control Panel -> Hardware & Power -> UPS. Click on Enable UPS support and click on… Continue Reading


Update ESXi 7.x using esxcli

I run ESXi at home for my VMs. Since I only need and have 1 ESXi host I had no need to install vCenter to manage my ESXi host, however I do want to keep it updated and current. To follow all the updates for ESXi please view VMware KB 2143832 Below are the steps to take to keep your ESXi updated Turn off VMs and put ESXi into maintenance mode Reboot – OPTIONAL – this is an optional step but it never hurts to reboot before upgrading to clear things up. Enable ssh service – you will need to… Continue Reading


VM image introspection

Image formats RAW – Unstructured disk image format. QCOW2 – Disk format supported by QEMU emulator. ISO – Sector-by-sector copy of the data on a disk, stored in a binary file. AKI – Indicates an Amazon Kernel Image. AMI – Indicates an Amazon Machine Image. ARI – Indicates an Amazon RAMDisk Image. VDI – Disk format supported by VirtualBox virtual machine monitor and the QEMU emulator. VHD – Common disk format used by virtual machine monitors from VMWare, VirtualBox, and others. VMDK – Disk format supported by many common virtual machine monitors. Every image format comes with a set a… Continue Reading