TROUBLESHOOT swiss-army knife container image

I created a container image to help me troubleshoot issues for both docker and kubernetes. Many container images come very slim without the default OS tools so when you are troubleshooting it makes it very hard. With this image you can easily deploy this container onto the same network as your containers/pods or even as a sidecar container or even map the host network to troubleshoot host network issues. github link: https://github.com/jlim0930/troubleshoot docker hub link: https://hub.docker.com/r/jlim0930/troubleshoot TROUBLESHOOT Container to help troubleshoot issues for docker & kubernetes environments This container image was created to help troubleshoot various network/storage/OS issues inside of… Continue Reading


Elastic Cloud on kubernetes (ECK) on minikube

ECK is Elastic cloud on kubernetes – Kubernetes Operator pattern that extends basic kubernetes orchestration to easily deploy, secure, upgrade Elasticsearch and the rest of the stack such as kibana, logstash, various beats, and much more. In my previous article I wrote about my kube.sh script which is a wrapper that installs a minikube environment to run your kubernetes projects. We will use the wrapper to deploy our kubernetes environment and start deploying elasticsearch using ECK. The steps below are not limited to my minikube wrapper script but you can follow the same process for any kubernetes environment. Lets get… Continue Reading


removing ad’s from your home network with dd-wrt

A bit tired of too many ad’s poping up on various sites especially those links from facebook etc.. so I’ve combined multiple sources to block ad’s using my dd-wrt router. Place the following into Administration->Commands and save as startup rm /tmp/hosts mkdir /tmp/abc wget -qO /tmp/abc/addhosts http://szojox.ugu.pl/hosts wget -qO /tmp/abc/jansal http://jansal.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/adblock/hosts wget -qO /tmp/abc/malwaredomain http://www.malwaredomainlist.com/hostslist/hosts.txt wget -qO /tmp/abc/winhelp2002 http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.txt wget -qO /tmp/abc/adaway https://adaway.org/hosts.txt wget -qO /tmp/abc/ad_servers http://hosts-file.net/.%5Cad_servers.txt wget -qO /tmp/abc/gjtech http://adblock.gjtech.net/?format=unix-hosts wget -qO /tmp/abc/someone http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/hosts cat /tmp/abc/addhosts /tmp/abc/jansal /tmp/abc/malwaredomain/tmp/abc/winhelp2002 /tmp/abc/adaway /tmp/abc/ad_servers /tmp/abc/gjtech /tmp/abc/someone | sed -e ‘s/^[ t]*//’ | grep -v ^# | sort | uniq > /tmp/hosts rm -rf… Continue Reading